Your Gay Best Friend Is Not An Accessory

He may have better style than you, but he's more than a breathing Calvin Klein mannequin. Happy Pride Month! On the first day of June, I wished this to two of my closest friends. The celebrations during this month apply to all of us but especially to them. They are proud to be gay, and… Continue reading Your Gay Best Friend Is Not An Accessory

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Embrace the Freckled Face

Ah, summer. If you're a redhead, you know the script: grabbing sunscreen before your phone as you're heading out the door. Accepting that crimson is the new tan. Bathing in the sun yet knowing you should be inside. Being the only friend who wears a coverup on the beach (as long as your grandma doesn't count as your… Continue reading Embrace the Freckled Face

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Do Women Belong in Combat?

When it was first released as military advocacy, Uncle Sam's "I want YOU for U.S. Army" became a patriotic icon. Exactly 100 years later, his recruitment has gained a whole new meaning: YOU, including women, too! This may be news for those who aren't necessarily military experts. In summary, there are many branches within the army branch (confusing,… Continue reading Do Women Belong in Combat?

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50 Words to Use More Often (Just Because They’re Fun)

Alternative title: Why not revisit those fun times as an SAT-prepping junior? pedantic: perfectionist, fussy antipode: the exact opposite of something else cornucopia: an abundant supply of things eloquent: meaningful in speaking or writing qualm: an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear squabble: a disagreement about something trivial pompous: arrogant, pretentious eminent: distinguished, notable benevolent:… Continue reading 50 Words to Use More Often (Just Because They’re Fun)

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I’m a Feminist Who Loves Making My Man a Sandwich

Hey, get a woman who can do both. Or don't! Nevertheless, I am that woman here to share why the two are not mutually exclusive. I know many people may think otherwise. Ah, traditional gender roles. By traditional gender roles, I'm talking about the behavior learned by a person as deemed appropriate for their gender. These roles are… Continue reading I’m a Feminist Who Loves Making My Man a Sandwich