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100 Things I’m Learning

  1. Once you make your point, stop talking.
  2. People will judge no matter what.
  3. Take advantage of good lighting.
  4. What you take pictures of says everything.
  5. Money goes faster than you think.
  6. If you want to be a morning person, set a consistent bedtime.
  7. Sunscreen. More than you think.
  8. A cute outfit is a guaranteed mood booster.
  9. Water cures most things.
  10. Bashing other women makes you the antipode of a feminist.
  11. Preferring to be submissive doesn’t make you any less of a feminist.
  12. Neither does shaving.
  13. Or being a housewife.
  14. Feminism is relevant to all of us.
  15. Don’t smile if you don’t mean it.
  16. If you’re in the mood, smile at everyone you see.
  17. We’re all hypocrites sometimes.
  18. Make it a conscious thought to turn that “sometimes” into “rarely.”
  19. Travel to a country with a first language other than English.
  20. Learn what your alcohol limit is.
  21. Enjoy yourself while keeping it there.
  22. An attention seeker is always obvious.
  23. Good friends will try.
  24. It is never too late to say what you need to.
  25. Be picky with what you tolerate.
  26. There are many, many faces of relationship abuse.
  27. A disorder can be hiding in anybody.
  28. Not everyone has been raised the same way.
  29. The best words start with “p.”
  30. A heating pad works wonders.
  31. Over-exercising doesn’t make you more healthy.
  32. The strongest people admit when they need help.
  33. Anger stems from feeling hurt.
  34. Never pass up an opportunity to tie dye.
  35. You can remove yourself from any story at any time.
  36. Don’t criticize someone else’s major just because you don’t think it’s “hard.”
  37. If we didn’t have art majors, where would our movies come from?
  38. If I need to justify the value of an English major to you, you aren’t worth my time.
  39. Same goes for education.
  40. There will always be someone who degrades an education major.
  41. My fulfillment from the noble career I take on will be worth more than any fat desk job paycheck.
  42. The men and women who fight in our military are the last ones who deserve ridicule.
  43. Militant is not synonymous with violent.
  44. There is no shame in feeling yourself.
  45. Have fun while you can and where you can.
  46. Don’t make decisions when you’re angry.
  47. If you ate like shit one day, have an apple.
  48. The best bonding happens through a struggle.
  49. In love, never beg.
  50. If someone doesn’t like dogs, question, question, question.
  51. If you want to be genuine, call them by their name.
  52. The longer the struggle, the more triumphant the victory.
  53. Breakfast food is always applicable.
  54. Don’t trust charming.
  55. Often, the most important thing to do is the hardest thing to do.
  56. It’s impossible to not smile while dancing.
  57. Sometimes, you just need a night of dancing. Just dancing.
  58. Surround yourself with a variety of your friends.
  59. Having friends from only one group is eventually a dead end.
  60. Sleep should be the last thing you jeopardize.
  61. Don’t pose with alcohol.
  62. Thank the waiter or waitress for everything they do.
  63. Thank the bus driver.
  64. Eye contact, or lack thereof, is the most obvious thing.
  65. Wear layers while traveling: plane, train, or car.
  66. If nobody else has their phone out, you shouldn’t, either.
  67. If you don’t understand, ask before it’s too late.
  68. Sit in the front row of the classroom.
  69. Everything is a competition. You don’t have to participate.
  70. If you don’t have to wear a bra, don’t.
  71. If you choose to wear heels, don’t complain about them.
  72. No matter how much you make a fool out of yourself while dancing, the most foolish will be whoever is sitting down alone.
  73. Always carry a hair tie.
  74. If not you, for your wife/daughter/sister/girlfriend.
  75. Presence will always speak louder than presents.
  76. If you want a cool piercing, get it.
  77. Don’t just think about your goals, write them down.
  78. Start traveling when you’re young.
  79. Character defines a leader, not a title.
  80. Nothing ever happens the way you think it will.
  81. If you can, do it outside.
  82. Gatorade is great for sports, but better for hangovers and upset stomachs.
  83. Time heals everything.
  84. Plants brighten any space.
  85. Pictures of your friends and family should be everywhere.
  86. Every family has their dysfunction regardless of how “perfect” they seem.
  87. Get fast food after midnight.
  88. Cheese will always taste better drunk.
  89. Before you go to bed, though, drink a full bottle of water.
  90. Have friends of both genders.
  91. Instead of dwelling, turn it into something.
  92. The more you repress, the more explosive the eruption.
  93. It’s eating better, never eating less.
  94. Tough times always reveal true friends.
  95. People who only talk about other people aren’t true friends.
  96. When it’s dark, don’t walk with your head down in your phone.
  97. Earn your own money. Getting it from parents gets you nowhere.
  98. Learning to budget this money is a lesson you’ll have you learn eventually, anyway.
  99. The more pillows on your bed, the better.
  100. Make sure you always have enough storage on your phone for photos. Take a lot.

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