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An Idea to Abort

In America, anyone under the age of 21 should never be caught drinking. Does our society abide by this law? How has that been going? *pulls up any Snapchat story from my feed selected at random*

So, yeah. Not too well. Our government mandates a law, but countless people ignore the law. Law breakers will probably act in a way to conceal their rebellion: covertly, irresponsibly, and ultimately, dangerously. Let’s face it: the middle of the woods (how safe!) is not a place someone goes to pound beers if they’re pounding beers legally.

What, Elyse, you think you’re some angel? Nice try, but we’re friends on Snapchat. Yeah, I see that! Before I go any further in this post, I just want to clarify that I’m not hoisting myself up on an “I Never Break Rules” pedestal. Although I’ll drink iodine before I finish a beer, I do like to enjoy myself. I’m not writing about breaking rules to criticize those who break rules. I’m writing about breaking rules to examine what leads to them being broken and what we need to acknowledge about the aftermath.

In summary, drinking under the age of 21 is illegal, but people still find ways to do it. So why would someone think criminalizing abortion would be any different?

For awhile, I wondered why abortion is even a topic of discussion in our government. Why is a woman’s right to her body up for debate? Is this just another way sexism is slid into the equation of governmental power? When I realized it’s because a woman who seeks an abortion can rarely afford the $3,275 procedure on her own, it made sense to me why she would need funding. I sure as heck couldn’t have afforded my $1,000 IUD on my own, so thank goodness for health insurance.

Since the government provides money for many women’s abortions, they can decide if they even want to do that in the first place. A common argument is that there are better things to spend this finance on: military, education, energy resources, days at the golf course.

Technically, can’t we always be spending more in these categories, though? Who would argue that at any point, our military doesn’t need better equipment and resources, our schools don’t need improving, or we shouldn’t worry about how we’re acquiring our energy? (I’m making the dangerous assumption here that everybody has their head on straight.) These topics will always be relevant, so they could always use improving, no?

This ideology is how abortion gets left in the dust. Hey, I’m dating someone in the military, so I know how important military funding is to our nation’s safety. But, I can support funding for that while also paying homage to my ladies who need medical procedures. Sex isn’t going anywhere. Abortion does happen. That’s because it needs to. If a woman knows she isn’t mentally, physically, or emotionally sound to raise a child, you can’t bash her for making the right choice. You can’t. Her body isn’t yours. Wait, so, why do you care, anyway?

I know abortions are expensive for the government to fund, but they can’t be illegal. This is an idea we need to…hey, you saw it coming…abort. Criminalizing abortions will not stop them, it will only make them exponentially more dangerous. If you wouldn’t put a leech or cayenne pepper up your vagina, swallow lye, gunpowder, or turpentine, hit your stomach with a meat pulverizer, or probe yourself with a knitting needle or hanger (Don’t believe me?), I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

You may be a strict pro-life advocate reading this. (One second, though: if you identify as pro-life, I hope you are supporting these refugees into our country, because pro-life doesn’t translate to pro-some-lives.) Even if you don’t agree with women getting abortions for any reason, don’t hinder a women’s right to choose. You may not see where she’s coming from, but you also don’t need the support she does. I encourage you to keep an open mind. Left, right, middle-leaning, or all of the above, we can all benefit from one of those.


3 thoughts on “An Idea to Abort

  1. While I disagree with criminalizing abortion, it should not come at the cost of taxpayer dollars. I mean come on, if a woman is aborting a baby because she isn’t ready for one, she should have simply used the proper precautions (there are plenty) or keep her legs closed to avoid getting pregnant in the first place.

    Just because someone is pro-life does not mean that they “better” support refugees coming into the country. That is a completely different issue and to put the two together like that is asinine. There are millions upon millions of refugees out there and taxing our economy to save a fraction of a percent of them is absolutely pointless.


    1. “Keeping her legs closed” is the equivalent to a man keeping his penis is his pants which is never mentioned when people use that argument. Although I agree that if she wasn’t ready she should have used precautions, such as a condom or birth control and excluding the option of “keeping her legs closed,” shit happens and women get pregnant. Also, Elyse didn’t even touch upon the idea of rape. I’m almost 100% positive I could never abort a child that is part mine, but just because I wouldn’t choose that option for myself doesn’t mean I feel that someone else who is not in my position can make that call for me.

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