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50 Words to Use More Often (Just Because They’re Fun)

Alternative title: Why not revisit those fun times as an SAT-prepping junior?

  1. pedantic: perfectionist, fussy
  2. antipode: the exact opposite of something else
  3. cornucopia: an abundant supply of things
  4. eloquent: meaningful in speaking or writing
  5. qualm: an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear
  6. squabble: a disagreement about something trivial
  7. pompous: arrogant, pretentious
  8. eminent: distinguished, notable
  9. benevolent: well meaning, kind
  10. omnipotent: having unlimited power, supreme
  11. gregarious: sociable, outgoing
  12. debacle: a fiasco, a disaster
  13. paramount: more important than anything else
  14. juxtapose: place close together with something else for a contrasting effect
  15. exacerbate: make a problem worse
  16. vivacious: attractively lively
  17. zealous: passionate, eager
  18. connoisseur: an expert judge
  19. ameliorate: improve
  20. placid: calm, serene
  21. yearn: have an intense feeling of longing for something
  22. frank: honest, direct
  23. idyllic: wonderful, blissful
  24. wary: cautious, careful
  25. idiosyncrasy: a distinctive characteristic of someone
  26. indulge: enjoy the pleasure of something
  27. novel: new or unusual in an interesting way
  28. grapple: fight, struggle
  29. radiant: dazzling, glowing
  30. jubilant: overjoyed, thrilled
  31. preposterous: utterly absurd
  32. ostracize: to exclude from a group
  33. penultimate: second to last
  34. nefarious: wicked, criminal
  35. lexicon: vocabulary
  36. audacity: fearlessness, boldness
  37. skedaddle: run away quickly
  38. ogle: stare at obviously
  39. quintessential: stereotypical
  40. zenith: a peak, the highest point
  41. finagle: obtain something deviously
  42. liberosis: the desire to care less about things
  43. effervescent: bubbly, enthusiastic
  44. wherewithal: the means
  45. phobia: a fear
  46. gluttonous: excessively greedy
  47. alluring: powerfully enticing, beautiful
  48. odious: hateful
  49. illuminate: make clear
  50. zany: eccentric, wacky




One thought on “50 Words to Use More Often (Just Because They’re Fun)

  1. I’ve printed these out. Knew them but have to look up the syntax for those I rarely use. I’m sorry to say there are more than I wish.

    Liked by 1 person

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