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Embrace the Freckled Face

Ah, summer. If you’re a redhead, you know the script: grabbing sunscreen before your phone as you’re heading out the door. Accepting that crimson is the new tan. Bathing in the sun yet knowing you should be inside. Being the only friend who wears a coverup on the beach (as long as your grandma doesn’t count as your friend).

Sound all too familiar? If you weren’t #blessed with the MC1R gene yourself, you know someone who was. And with all these sun-kissed responsibilities, summer can seem like our worst nightmare. It’s not all crashing and…burning…for us, though.

I’m tired of telling myself that summer is my worst season. Sunburns suck, but there are many components that don’t: longer days, Target bathing suits, and when those burns turn into tans (well, you know, “tans”).

On top of those, there are many perks of being a redhead in the summer. Let’s embrace them!

More sunscreen + protective clothing = better skin. Because our skin is typically more fair, we need to take conscious steps to protect it. Loading on the sunscreen and wearing protective clothing while we’re young may lead to healthier skin as we age. We may be far more prone to skin cancer than our brunette friend, but that only means we’ll do more to take care of our skin. Hello, fewer wrinkles!

We gain more freckles by the minute, and not just from all those stolen souls. I love my freckles. They make me look unique and whimsical. I’ve heard instances of girls covering theirs up with makeup, and that makes me sad. They’re skin stars! Summer is great because our face becomes a breeding ground for freckles with all that sun. We’ll get to star gaze in broad daylight.

We can rock the big floppy hat that nobody else actually cares to wear. The straw floppy hats are cute, but let’s face it – if you’re not strongly concerned about sun protection, they probably won’t even be on your radar. Luckily for us, sun protection is our new major these next three months. Also luckily for us, this flamboyant hat will make us look even more photogenic than we already are.

Research suggests we can produce our own Vitamin D. Gingers can’t absorb adequate levels of Vitamin D, so we actually produce our own supply in low-light conditions. According to Health, a fair skinned individual might benefit from 10-15 minutes of daily sun exposure, but someone with a darker skin tone might need several hours to absorb sufficient amounts of the vitamin. Blondes may have the fun, but we soak up the sun.

We’re always the mom friend with sunscreen. Every friend group has one. The mom friend is the person who everyone instinctively goes to when they need something. We may get a couple smirks from seeming incredibly type A, but hey, having our shit together isn’t a bad thing. There’s no shame in being prepared, and with SPF 70, we’re not a regular mom. We’re a cool mom.


One thought on “Embrace the Freckled Face

  1. Your redhead genes may be inherited by my father. His nickname in college was Red, and because of this he never went out in the sun. He would, however take pictures of the sunburns I came home with and thought it was funny. I was a towhead so pretty much had the same reactions as you describe. I remember when you were born and your father, when he called to give me that wonderful news, started with “Do you have any redheads in your family?” Keep up with that sunscreen, the floppy hats and all that you do and later in your life your friends will be jealous of a flawless image.

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