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Do Women Belong in Combat?

When it was first released as military advocacy, Uncle Sam's "I want YOU for U.S. Army" became a patriotic icon. Exactly 100 years later, his recruitment has gained a whole new meaning: YOU, including women, too! This may be news for those who aren't necessarily military experts. In summary, there are many branches within the army branch (confusing,… Continue reading Do Women Belong in Combat?

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I’m a Feminist Who Loves Making My Man a Sandwich

Hey, get a woman who can do both. Or don't! Nevertheless, I am that woman here to share why the two are not mutually exclusive. I know many people may think otherwise. Ah, traditional gender roles. By traditional gender roles, I'm talking about the behavior learned by a person as deemed appropriate for their gender. These roles are… Continue reading I’m a Feminist Who Loves Making My Man a Sandwich

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Let’s Talk Offensiveness in the Dictionary

Where does vulgarity become inappropriate for the public eye? Is the standard different if it's been an element ingrained into our history for centuries? Scene: this afternoon. My English class, specifically, "Women and the Civil War." Tropical classroom, sans air conditioning. Students arranged in a makeshift circle. Everyone pretending it's their Uncle Tom's Cabin copy that they've… Continue reading Let’s Talk Offensiveness in the Dictionary