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100 Things I’m Learning

Once you make your point, stop talking. People will judge no matter what. Take advantage of good lighting. What you take pictures of says everything. Money goes faster than you think. If you want to be a morning person, set a consistent bedtime. Sunscreen. More than you think. A cute outfit is a guaranteed mood booster.… Continue reading 100 Things I’m Learning

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Why I Justify 13 Reasons Why

In a society that grows more unapologetic every day, we tell each other to be more open about ourselves. Just not too much, apparently. What I'm about to write about might make you furious or annoyed. That's cool. Seriously! With a topic so delicate, it's impossible for us all to agree. When I read peoples' reactions of… Continue reading Why I Justify 13 Reasons Why

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Let’s Talk Offensiveness in the Dictionary

Where does vulgarity become inappropriate for the public eye? Is the standard different if it's been an element ingrained into our history for centuries? Scene: this afternoon. My English class, specifically, "Women and the Civil War." Tropical classroom, sans air conditioning. Students arranged in a makeshift circle. Everyone pretending it's their Uncle Tom's Cabin copy that they've… Continue reading Let’s Talk Offensiveness in the Dictionary